Welcome to my photo album

I’m Tony Mak. I’m a Canadian and I live in Vancouver. I have traveled to many countries around the world, met many people and seen many wonders. I am a person of faith, drawn to the beautiful churches and temples that I have found in my travels.

When I started taking the photographs I had no intention of sharing them with others. They were just a collection of memories. However, over the years, as the photographs accumulated, friends who saw them encouraged me to share them with others. I am not so sure they warrant such attention. However, I trust to their judgement and your interest.

This summer I am going for a walk, about 2,000 km. An ancient pilgrimage route, the via Francigena, that starts at Canterbury and ends on the steps of the Vatican. You are welcome to follow along with me through my daily postings. You will receive a copy of my posts in your Facebook account if you click Join on the Facebook event page Tony’s Pilgrimage

I am dedicating my walk to the very important work of Globe In Peace. I hope you will inquire further and perhaps make a small donation to this project. And just as important, please share these links with your friends.

Links to Globe In Peace Information