Shamian Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Guangzhou, China

Shamian Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

Built in 1890, it is located on the southern part of Shamian Island, Guangzhou. It covers an area of about 466 square yards (389 square meters). Besides the main hall, there is a grotto and a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes in its courtyard.Travel China Guide

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Guangzhou, China

Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

One of the architectural highlights in Guangzhou is a cathedral in Guangzhou that was built in the 1800s by the Emperor of France, the French government, and the Catholic Church. It has been recently refurbished because it was damaged in the 20th century. The stained windows, high arches and spires, and the spacious and high inner sanctuary make the building look like a European cathedral. The building was modelled after the Basilica of St. Clotilde in France, and there are other interesting features.

The granite building is big. It is said to be the biggest Gothic-style cathedral in China and Southeast Asia. The floor area is 2,754 square meters or .68 acres. It features a nave that is approximately 27 meters or 88 feet high. There are two rows of pews and 14 small side-chapels. The cathedral is 35 meters wide and 78.69 meters long, and the twin towers rise 58.5 meters or 63 yards. The west tower is a clock tower with a large Chinese-manufactured clock, and the east tower serves as bell tower and has gigantic bronze bells that were shipped from France in the 19th century.

The cathedral was built of big granite blocks shipped in from Hong Kong. The walls and the two towers were made of granite. This is why the cathedral was called “Stone House”. In the 19th century, people had never seen a building built like this in Guangzhou.China Highlights