Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Nanguan Catholic Church officially known as The Sacred Heart of Jesus Diocesan Cathedral in Shenyang is located on the Lejiao Road of Shenhe District.

Construction of the Church begin in the reign of Guangxu, Qing Dynasty in 1873. It was burnt down by the Justice Harmony Corps at the reign of Guangxu 26 in 1900. In 1912 it was reconstructed after getting Qing government indemnity.

The church is in east courtyard, from north to south it measures 66 meters, from east to west it measures 17 meters, the height of the Church is 40 meters and total covered area is 1,100 square meters. It can accommodate about 1,500 persons.

The architecture of the church is Typical Gothic Style; the roof is sloping towards two sides making a triangle, decorated with the crosses at the top. Three arched entrances are on the front side of the church, both sides are covered with the window. The Church building is supported by 24 stone columns struts.

The church west courtyard has four buildings that include bishop house and government office constructed in 1926.

The Church is listed as a cultural relic under protection by Liaoning Province.World Churches