Catholic Church of St. Mary, Stanley, Falkland Islands

Catholic Church of St. Mary

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, built in 1899, is an attractive example of a Victorian kit building, located on Ross Road opposite the Standard Chartered Bank.

The coloured glass windows create a peaceful atmosphere inside.

Behind the main building is the church hall which houses occasional exhibitions.Falkland Islands

Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Stanley, Falkland Islands

Christ Church Anglican Cathedral

The southernmost Anglican cathedral is Christ Church Cathedral in Stanley, Falkland Islands. This brick and stone building was designed by Sir Arthur Blomfield and constructed in 1892.

The new church was consecrated in February 21st 1892 by the Bishop Waite Hockin Stirling.

This church has simple interior. The eye is attracted just by the intricate stained glass in the windows (made in 1927, 1958, 1988) and numerous plates along the walls telling about many persons and events.

Interesting is the collection of some 55 hassocks – cushions used while the congregation kneels on while the prayer. These hassocks are knitted by local people and each of them depicts a design or picture that has a connection with Falkland Islands.

The church has been renovated 100 years after its construction – in 1992.

The Shackleton Banner

One of the valuables in the church is a banner of the Order of Garter, bequeathed by Sir Edward Shackleton (1911 – 1994) – a son of the famous explorer of Antarctica Ernest Shackleton.

Order of the Garter is the most prestigious order of chivalry in the United Kingdom, it is existing since 1348. Most banners of this order are located in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Palace in England and the banner of Shackleton is the only one in South America.

Whalebone Arch

The Falklands Conflict between Argentina and United Kingdom started long ago. British captain John Byron claimed the islands in 1765 (one year after the French) but Spain bought the French colony and expelled the Brits in 1770. Spanish settlers withdrew to Argentina in 1811.

In 1820 the islands were claimed by the new nation of Argentina, but in 1833 the islands were regained by British forces.

In 1933, to commemorate 100 years anniversary since this event, there was built an original monument in the front of Christ Church Cathedral – a Whalebone Arch.

It consists of two jawbones of blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) – the largest mammals of the world. These bones were brought here from South Shetland islands in 1922.

Now this unusual monument is deteriorating and has been coated.Wondermondo