Suwon Jeil Presbysterian Church

Suwon Jeil Church is the First Church of Suwon, located outside the fortress walls. It was apparently built in the Gothic style, Suwon Jeil Church is a very striking and impressive Church that dominates the skyline of the Suwon city. Humongous 10-storey complex atop a hill and built entirely of black bricks (and being Korean, inexplicably trimmed with neon), it makes for an interesting sight and a Korean architectural disparity.. Looking out from the east walls of Hwaseong Fortress, two buildings will immediately catch your eye: the World Cup Stadium and Suwon Jeil Church. After looking at the historical fortress walls and towers, the church gives a very different look, it is a significant landmark of the city of Suwon that gives you a picture of Christian progression in this city.World Churches