Globe In Peace


Our human history includes many stories of genocide: Rwanda 1994, Bosnia 1992 – 1995 , Darfur 2003 – 2005. Violence also permeates our communities, in every country world wide.

With each war or violent act, the seeds of hostility, revenge, anger and fear are passed down from one generation to the next unless we can break this cycle.

Why Rwanda

In 2009, Dr Masahiro Minami first visited Rwanda to learn about how people are living today with the scars of the 1994 Genocide. There he witnessed a number of perpetrators being in a futile attempt to beg for forgiveness from survivors. Masa questioned himself, “Isn’t there another way that can be more helpful in facilitating their reconciliation process?” This experience led him to develop his action-based approach called, ABPRA.

Giving peace a chance …

For his doctoral dissertation project, Masa did a pilot study to test if ABPRA offers any benefit to the reconciliation pairs. It concluded with great success and gave birth to a hope that this strategy can be a war prevention strategy.

The purpose of the Globe in Peace project is to deliver Masa’s ABPRA program to a larger number of people in Rwanda to:

If it indeed is to prove that the ABPRA is effective, we the world could potentially have the first evidence-based war-prevention and peace building approach.

The Globe In Peace is an initiative of Dr. Masahiro Minami and operates as a collaborative project within the University of British Columbia. Please take a moment to learn more about Masa’s stories and the work of Globe In Peace at their website