Stain Glass window in  Saenamteo Shrine, Seoul South Korea

I have traveled to many countries and I hope to travel to many more. My first trips were to China along the Silk Road and Europe where my cousin and I could only afford potatoes to eat. But we were young and adventuresome and raw potatoes were to us Michelin star meals.

I have met many people and seen many wonders, both natural and man made. From the first trip I always had my camera in hand and would capture memories with the photographs I took. Gradually I found my interest in photography reflected the growth in my spirituality and I was seeking out and taking more and more photographs of churches. And why not? Some are wondrously beautiful. Some are amazing feats of architecture. All speak to humanity’s faith in something larger than themselves.

You will find here pictures of amazing and beautiful churches which I have had the good fortune to visit. I know that it is said these churches are built to the greater Glory of God. However, when I stand beneath them and raise my head in wonderment, I am in awe of the creative power of human kind. I cannot help but ask how did they build this?

I am a devout Roman Catholic, so many of the churches in my collection are Roman Catholic. But not all for sure. Some of the most inspiring churches are the simplistic structures of protestant faiths. And some of the most amazing architectures are from the Eastern Orthodox faith and Islam.

I hope you enjoy these pictures, for some they may bring back memories and for others perhaps some inspiration for new places to visit. And perhaps for a few they will help reaffirm your faith whatever it may be.